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Calvin Richardson
The Soul Prince is Back!

Written by Lakesha Woods
Music Box Volume 8 | Published May 15, 2008

Calvin really let go with "When Love Comes", it's hot! With sassy lyrics and music to match, songs like "Sexy Love" and "Holla At You"  keep the fire under my feet and they make me wanna hit the dance floor! Well Calvin said he don't wanna "Sang No More", and I've often said that I don't wanna write no more and I wasn't going to but how could I deny the Prince of Soul his props. His work comes from his soul and it represents quality music, it's what we've craved for so long.

Now before you go popin' the CD in your players be careful because you're about to experience Calvin on another level. He sings of love and when it comes to making friends he explains that there's no other friend better than love. "Make Friends With Love" it touched my soul, it made me cry. Yes, that's right, it made me cry. "Make Friends With Love", that's the new lover's anthem! "Fire In The Attic" ... there'll be no rushin' up in here ... hot lyrics! What more could I say, Calvin, you took it all the way home on this album! It's a soul lovers delight fueled with passion and his rugget yet smooth vocals compliment it all like icing on a cake! YOU SANG CALVIN! GO CALVIN! And remember - Lakesha said that!

Purchase "When Love Comes" Now! (Amazon). Enjoy Life readers ... this is one album that will definitely help you ENJOY LIFE! Calvin also has a new label by the name of Nu Mo Records (Nu Motown). Fans, you can also find his new website here: iamcalvinrichardson.com.

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