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I Love You Sweetheart by Lakesha Woods

Press Release                                               April  15, 2017

Publicist: Ebonie J. Wells                                        Phone: 646-543-2730
Email: ejwellspr@gmail.com | Alternate number: 646-780-0835 | VIEW PDF

For immediate release:

Lakesha Woods - author and entertainer most known for her work as an entertainment journalist from Enjoy Life Magazine. She's taken her writing career to another level with the release of her latest book, I Love You Sweetheart.  The native Floridian is from the neighborhood of Carver Ranches, and Woods is scheduled to return home as the library's guest author during romance month.


This milestone leads Lakesha Woods back to her roots in South Florida where she will launch a three-city book tour covering Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Miami. Her first reading and signing take place Saturday, May 13, 2017, 2:00 pm at Carver Ranches Library. Following the book signing Woods will host the official book release party at River Yacht Club in Miami. The dinner party will start promptly at 6:00 pm and the venue is open to the public. Lakesha's VIP guest list includes confirmed celebrity artists, media industry personalities, and executives, along with a host of others in sports and entertainment.


Woods said, "I'm coming home to where it all started. I want to share this moment with the people who have been standing behind me pushing me - holding me up and encouraging me. Never forget where you come from!"

Lakesha says, "I Love You Sweetheart is a romantic collection of poems and prose. The book expresses feelings of love, passion, commitment, and reconcile - using mild seductive yet sweet and endearing poetic words. It’s the perfect teaser offering an element of foreplay. Poetry fans are certainly in for a loving surprise."

Readers are giving Lakesha's book high praise and rave reviews! Artist Lei James from Orlando, Florida said, "I'm gonna have to get another one because I just read a few pages and already want to share it!"

Celebrity hairstylist Tolanda Duncan said, "Lakesha writes such beautiful words, sweet words. This book is going to heal many hearts."

In her words, Lakesha also describes the book as something sweet for the fellas, and relatable for the ladies. She said, "Both men and women will be able to find appreciation in this book, because we've all been in love or want to keep love or find love, and sometimes what we hold inside should be said out-loud. Sometimes sweet words can make everything come together."

The book tour will also head to Atlanta, Charlotte, New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Lakesha is currently open for book readings, signings, spoken word performances, and appearances in other areas.

Learn more about Lakesha Woods by visiting her website at lakeshaswoods.com. For media inquiries, contact EJ Wells PR at ejwellspr@gmail.com.
Title: I Love You Sweetheart
Publisher: Lulu Press (March 17, 2017)
ISBN-10: 1329936876
ISBN-13: 978-1329936874
Available formats: Paperback, Hardcover, eBook
Available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million 
Click here to Get FREE tickets to I Love You Sweetheart Book Reading & Signing by Lakesha Woods at Carver Ranches Library!

Matthew Carter - WAR Angel, The Awakening

Matthew breaks down in tears as he shares what led him to write his book "War Angel The Awakening". He reveals his battle with discrimination in what he called the black church and from religious people once they would find out that he is bisexual. Matthew said, "The church told me I was going to hell."

He also shares his motivation with much conviction and explains why he continues to pursue his dreams even after he found out that he is HIV positive.

Matthew Carter is a professional model, actor, and author. He's been seen in fashion shows across the country and on television shows such as Nurse Jackie. You can find Matthew's non profit A REAL DESIRE at www.arealdesire.com and on social media at the following links:

“The Conversation about Celibacy” & review of
The Chronicles: Elevator Silence by Latise M. Howie

Lakesha: What’s up everybody? This is Lakesha Woods from Enjoy Life Magazine and today I have with me Latise M. Howie. She is the author of “The Chronicles: Elevator Silence”. Hi Latise!

Latise: Hi, how are you?

Lakesha: I’m doing well. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me, and to share information about your book, and what you have going on in your career as an author. But, more than anything I’d really like to get into the book. What prompt you to write a book with the concept of waiting and being celibate and the different aspects of relationships?

Latise: That’s easy I was prompted to do this by my own life honestly. And, by other people that I know that are living or trying to live a celibate lifestyle. Not necessarily a celibate lifestyle, but you know we are people of faith, but we’re also single people. And you know living in the world that we live in it is really easy to kinda’ get sucked into the desires of the flesh and that sort of thing. For me the choice was easy, I’m divorced I have three children and you know I’ve tried it every way (laughs) and I wanted to try it God’s way, and to just kind of walk in that particular faith. I can be discipline for him in that, but I can tell you the focus that you receive is the biggest motivator. It’s a struggle I will say that I’m a woman; a relatively young woman … dating and that sort of thing can be a struggle. But, for the last three years that’s something that I’ve been trying to practice and, just trying to walk the best that I can in that way. So with writing the book there were scenarios that may have happened in my life or other peoples’ lives that I know and I just wanted to touch on some of those things and kind of expound on them. What’s beautiful about being an author is that you can take bit of something and just fly in a whole different direction because it’s the use of your imagination if that’s what you choose to do. So that was the motivation, and just to be able to help women and single people in general know that we do have a
still small voice that we can listen to and be guided by and walk the best way that we can. So yeah, that was the motivation.

Lakesha: Wow! It definitely rings true for a lot of people, the walk - just the effort that it takes to condition your mind to say hey I’m going to do this. But, then there is the motive behind why you are doing it. As I’ve been reading the book … without giving away the story line, ‘cause I do want our readers to pick up a copy for themselves and read it. But, I was reading how one character in particular was continuing to tell her-self that: I’m doing this for God; I’m doing it for God - trying to convince her-self that basically I’m doing this so I can be faithful to my commitment to God, my vow to God. But, in essence she was truly really not reserving herself because she was still trying to find other ways to satisfy her sexual desires. And, I think a lot of us get that confused. In your opinion is there truly only one way to remain celibate? Do you have to cut off all other aspects of sex to in order to really say I’m practicing celibacy?

Latise: Well, I can tell you that the first year (we laugh) was probably hardest and honestly for every individual that I know when we have these conversations with regards to celibacy - that particular discipline. I was very much into the toys and that sort of thing, but I had to get rid of that stuff because I felt that I was still kind of not focus on what I felt like I needed to be focused on. I think that you have to define that for yourself. Do you see what I mean? So I don’t believe that is
for me to say to an individual. Your celibacy and your commitment and your walk have to be specific to what you would have it to be and for whatever the reason. That same character had to look at her life and figure out why am I doing this: Am I doing this for show and fashion? Am I doing this because I really truly want to be disciplined? Do I need and want to be focus?

And, that’s something that a couple of my
girlfriends and I we were sitting down and talking about the book as the book was developing and that was one of the things what I had to look at.

I don’t want to just say that I’m celibate for the sake of saying it. I need to be walking and practicing and living that way because it’s something that I truly want to do. But, not because it’s something that people at this point expected me, because I’m a human being I fall. You know what I mean?

Lakesha: Right …

Latise: I will openly admit that, but I think it’s a situation where you have to rededicate yourself and define what it is for you. I say that I live in a judgment free zone in my life.

Lakesha: That’s great …

Latise: If someone talks to me about their particular situation – you know that you can talk to me and I’m never gonna judge you because I feel like therefore the grace of God go any of us – right? We have no idea what situation we will find ourselves in. But, I think that is a personal decision. Read more ...

No Love Story Here - Heartbreak & Pain!

Review written by Lakesha Woods
Published October 16, 2013

Monica Little touches subjects of love, heart break, domestic violence, molestation and superficial realities in her new poetry book titled Enter the Inkwell.


If you're expecting la-dee-da types of poems filled with "I love You's" and rhymes this is not the book for you! Brace yourself because this book of poems is filled with a dose of harsh realities.


Monica speaks of being short-changed on love's return in poems like "Men and Me" and being in love under false pretense in poems like "I love You", where the woman thought it was love and ended up being controlled and physically abused.


The poems tell a story of a woman who has endured much suffering and heart ache at the hands of men. Starting from a very young age and being molested; the poem "Forbidden Touch" vividly describes how this young girl felt compelled to keep the touches a secret because she thought is was a sign of love and for love she was willing to remain silent.

The poem goes on to describe how she would like her perpetrator to be punished. While Monica doesn't offer lovey-dubby poems that will make you fall in love, she does include poems that show signs of a woman who has realized her worth. 'LIKE' Monica on Facebook!

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