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Alvin Garrett, "There's More to Me than the Songs I Write" continued ...

"I wasn’t fearful about my talent or about my experience; I was ready I was ready to make that move when it came to me to do it. I’ve been behind the scenes as a musical director; traveling with people like Ruben Studdard putting shows together. So I’ve done so many different things behind the scenes it was as simple as finding other people to do what I’ve always done."

"So, I wasn’t fearful of it because I do have the experience. So, I got a vocal coach I said hey, I’m gonna be out here singing … I need to get a vocal coach so I can learn more about what it really means to be a singer and how to take care of myself. I just prepared, myself – put a good strong team together. It’s been a good journey and transition utilizing what I’ve always done with other people for myself.”

Of course, it is a lot easier for someone who has multiple talents with an established presence in the industry (even if it was behind the scenes). Let’s think about it, the man penned four songs for Joe’s latest album “Doubleback Evolution of R&B” which released this past July and features Joe’s piercing hot single “I’d Rather Have A Love”, also written by Alvin Garrett. He admits the lyrics were for schooling the fellas on what’s important (preach!). His musical repertoire goes far beyond R&B. Alvin is very capable of writing songs to fit a variety of genres including Pop, Gospel, and Contemporary Jazz.

Well, he certainly sounds prepared - the lyrical content in his songs are sexy, endearing - pretty much the type of sweet nothings that women like to hear and his vocals are very pleasing! I’ve had “Never Gonna Find” and “Expose Yourself” on repeat.

I can only imagine how it feels to get a Grammy nomination, but to give us some insight; Alvin told me that feeling for him was such a surreal moment. It took him a day or so to let it sink in, but once everybody starting congratulating him on Facebook the feeling became real. It did not take much time after that for him to realize he had to step his game up.

“That definitely challenged me to push harder work harder and to do a higher quality of work… it keeps me humble”, he expressed. He went on to say, “Some people throw it round and feel like it’s something you can brag about. I feel like it something that keeps me honest. That says hey, the moment you let up this could be something that can bring you down. I use it to keep me humble and hungry.”

When I heard him say that he uses his Grammy nomination as a way to stay humble himself, I was in awe … I had to pinch myself. Most artist get that nomination (not even the award) suddenly they become the next Pop-this, Princess of that – King of Rock, Duke of Jazz, Lord of R&B … um, I think you all get it – they SHOW OFF! But, Alvin, he was very modest, to say the least. He says it can all be gone in any moment, so he doesn’t let it go to his head.

Added to his cool down-to-earth, ‘boy next door swag’ (who’s really a celebrity undercover) he still makes himself available to the public and encourages his fans to reach out and send him requests for performances. How ‘bout that! He’s open now so reach out and touch while you can because before you know it Alvin Garrett will be on the go and showing the world that he is much more than the songs he writes, and he’ll be all booked up!
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